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Spring in Utah 2021 - Photos from Chris Blackshear

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WW hike
Upper Elbert Creek Trail

Wednesday, June 23 Purg
8:30 am

Hike through an open meadow along Elbert Creek to a ridgeline then hike along the ridgeline to a scenic overlook. Usually great flowers. 2 well behaved dogs. Include in RSVP.
Limit 15. SO! hikes are limited to COVID vaccinated members only.
RSVP Susan Beck-Brown 759-3421 sbeckbrown@yahoo.com

Wednesday Easy Hiker
Falls Creek -Hidden Valley

Wednesday, June 23, 9:00 am ACP carpool $2.

Trailhead is 5 mi. from town. Mostly in trees on a well-established trail. Beautiful view of Animas Valley.
SO! hikes are limited to vaccinated members only.
RSVP Becky Rodefer 619-933-2781

Climb South Snowdon (N2) and Peak 12,618 (N3)

Thursday, June 24 RC 7:00 am or 8:00 am Andrews Lake

Explore the Snowdon Peak Divide. Flank Snowdon Peak on the west and climb South Snowdon. Bliss out on the tundra shelf to N3 (east of Crater Lake). Return through Snowdon Ponds and take a new route back to Andrews Lake. Primarily off-trail, extensive block fields, steep slopes. Limit 10. No dogs. SO! hikes are limited to COVID vaccinated members only. RSVP Debra Van Winegarden 769-7269 debra@vanwinegarden.com Co-leader Tomas Ward 426-8918 tom@thward.net

Thursday Road Bike Ride

Thursday, June 24 RC 9:00 am

This is a 28-mile road ride through the Animas Valley from the Rec Center to Bakers Bridge and back. During the pandemic SO! outings are limited to members with completed vaccinations.
Ride leader: Rick Boebel, rick.boebel@boebel.com

Hike Jura Knob 12,614 ft

Friday, June 25 RC 7:00 am

Hike up the Pass Creek Trail to the Engineer Mtn Trail to the ridge of Jura Knob. Climb the knob (some scrambling involved). Return on the Coal Creek Trail to Hwy 550. Limit 12 No Dogs
RSVP Sherry Suenram sherryjsuenram@gmail.com

This hike will require a shuttle. Masks are required to be worn in the shuttle vehicle.

Vaccinated Members only

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