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Solo Hikes, Spring 2020

All Seniors Outdoors! Outings and Activities
Cancelled Until Further Notice

SO! Coronavirus Policy – Cancellation of All Spring Activities

Given the projected severity of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the enhanced risk to seniors, the Board of Directors of Seniors Outdoors! has concluded that all available steps should be taken to avoid enhanced exposure to our members, even when it requires avoidance of some activities that are very dear to our members. These temporary measures will be revisited and revised as conditions allow.

Meetings: The April and May General Meetings are cancelled. The May 7 Leader’s Dinner is cancelled, but may be rescheduled in August. The Outings Committee meeting scheduled for May 28 will take place only if the Board determines that a summer outings schedule may proceed. The Picnic scheduled for June 2 is cancelled. The Board will determine in May whether the General Meetings will be resumed in July or later.

Board and Committee Meetings: All Board of Director and Committee meetings will be conducted by telephone to the extent possible, until further notice.

SO! Outings: The Board recognizes that outdoor activities are particularly important to the health and happiness of our members, and present a lesser risk of exposure than indoor gatherings. Nevertheless, any gathering of members does enhance the risk to some degree. All SO! group outings scheduled from March through mid-June are therefore cancelled. Members are encouraged to continue their outdoor activities individually or in very small groups, especially on bike rides and local hikes that do not involve car pools. Depending on future risk analysis, the outings schedule will be resumed with the summer schedule, beginning in mid-June.

The SO! Directors, and all our members, are grateful and appreciative to the leaders and members who contributed their time and efforts to the schedule of outings, meetings and activities on the Spring Schedule. We will all look forward to resuming our SO! adventures and social functions, hopefully very soon. Stay Safe!