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January 2022 Jura Ridge - Photos by Chris Blackshear

Upcoming Events:

Friday Snowshoe

Friday, January 21 RC 9:00 am
Purg 9:30 am

Specific details for each Friday Snowshoe outing will be e-mailed about 2-3 days in advance to the group members. Participants must sign up in order to join the group and receive the emails.
To sign up for this snowshoe subgroup, send an email to clagow@rmi.net.
This is a backcountry winter outing. While we will strive to avoid avalanche danger, all participants should educate themselves about avalanche risks, conditions, and safety.
SO! outings are limited to fully vaccinated SO! members only.

Snowshoe Molas to the Animas

Saturday, January 22 RC 8:30 am

From the large parking lot just south of Molas Lake, we will take the Colorado Trail to the river and back. Early turn backs OK. Carpool $7. Dogs OK. RSVP Chris Blackshear, chris.blackshear@gmail.com
SO! outings are limited to fully vaccinated SO! members only.

Ski from Red Mtn Pass to Prospect Gulch Overlook

Tuesday, January 25

ACP 7:30 am
Purg 8:00 am

We will park at Red Mt Pass (11,075 ft) and ski past the St Paul Lodge, heading south and east working our way up to 12,250 ft where we should be able to look into Prospect Gulch and see Silverton Mountain Ski Area as well as Minnehaha Basin. There will be opportunities to ski laps on 25 degree slopes. Skiers must have climbing skins and the ability to make turns on powder slopes and wind crust, and be able to traverse obstacles and trees. Date may change due to snow conditions. Bring avalanche gear, a good down parka, and down pants.
Carpool $10 Limit 8 No Dogs
RSVP Bart Womack, yobart99@msn.com, 970-749-0286
This is a backcountry winter outing. SO! recommends that all participants carry appropriate gear (beacon, shovel and probe) and educate themselves about avalanche risks, conditions, and safety.
SO Outings are limited to fully vaccinated members only

Snowshoe or Hike Haviland Lk, Chris Park area

Tuesday, January 25

RC 9:00am
TH 9:20am

Depending on conditions, we will either hike or snowshoe in the Haviland Lk/Chris Park area. Outing will have moderate up and down. Please indicate where you will meet us.
Carpool $4, Limit 15, RSVP to Betsy Petersen betsyp@bresnan.net 970-259-5417
SO! Outings are limited to vaccinated members only.

WW Hike
Animas River Trail

Wednesday, January 26 SRP 9:30 am

Every Wednesday through the winter join Eric to walk the River Trail from Santa Rita Park to Home Depot and back. Participants may turn back earlier or go further, if desired. Enjoy wildlife, river views and walking companions. No RSVP required. Dogs must be on leash per city ordinance. For more information contact Eric Pahlke at 247-1130 or ehpahlke@gmail.com SO! outings are limited to fully vaccinated SO! members only.

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