Avalanche Precautions

Winter Outings Avalanche Precautions

Winter outings may present unpredictable or unavoidable risks of avalanche. Participants in SO! outings are responsible for their own safety with regard to equipment carried and terrain encountered. SO! recommends that all participants educate themselves about avalanche risks and safety, be aware of current avalanche conditions, and carry rescue gear (beacon, shovel and probe) on backcountry winter outings.

Rescue gear can be obtained at local outdoor stores and on line. Backcountry Experience and Pine Needles are offering a 20% discount to members of Seniors Outdoors! for specified avalanche rescue kits (beacon, shovel and probes). On-line stores regularly offer discounts on similar equipment.

Current avalanche status information may be obtained from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center at https://avalanche.state.co.us/

There are many opportunities for avalanche awareness training in this area, some offered without charge. For a list of many of these offerings, see Avalanche Education & Training.