Change Log

Backlog of changes and additions:

  • Create Archive and Draft Outing functions
  • Replace the fucking Photo Gallery plugin
  • Clean out unused plugins
  • Fix the hover text in the calendar view for readability
  • Refactor
  • Database download issue
  • Add Help page?
  • Open Feedback form as a separate smaller window?

Mobile View:

  • Fix target size of mobile menu dropdown buttons
  • Fix floating white line on mobile calendar page
  • Fix extra dot problem on mobile calendar (from recurring events)

On Hold Indefinitely/Permanently:

  • Restrict New & Changes on home page to 30 days?
  • Change Guidelines pages to expandable sections?
  • Save List View as PDF instead of print – CAN’T FIND PLUGIN THAT WILL WORK
  • [Tabled for now] Implement?plugin to handle member information



  • Rework to remove need for “Multiple Days” column
  • Various formatting clean-up issues
  • Change margins/page size of printable schedule page
  • Simplify Excel worksheet/Event fields
  • Finish making the site mobile responsive
  • Hook up the register button (or suppress it until I can get it hooked up)
  • Set up a printable list of outings
  • Indicate the current state in the main navigation (so users know which page they?re on)
  • Add labels to the photo album thumbnails
  • Fix the treatment of changed events
  • Suppress Feedback splash screen for return visits
  • Style “thank you” page
  • Rework Recurring Events page and events; change menu label to Subgroups?
  • Take down old install and set up redirect
  • Link New events on home page to event page
  • Clean up code for home page: new & changes
  • Add Photo Archive to Photo Gallery menu
  • Clean up Outing Guidelines page
  • Deactivate ACF Pro license from old site and transfer


Change log:

3/22/17:?Changed treatment of New and Changed events on home page; added link to individual event page
3/22/17:?Migrated Member Roster to new site and added instructions for updating to Admin Instructions
3/21/17: Added Photo Archive to Photo Gallery menu
3/18/17: Implemented SO! Subgroups page; deleted Recurring Events page
3/15/17: ?Set up cookie so visitors only see the feedback splash screen the first time they visit