Covid-19 Policy

Covid 19 Policy

Current SO! Covid policies include the following:

  1. SO! activities are restricted to fully vaccinated members only. “Fully vaccinated” means that the member has completed a Covid vaccine regimen, including the appropriate booster shot.
  2. Number limits on outings are not required but may be set by outings leaders.
  3. Outings scheduled for the next two months will be continued at the option of each Outings Leader.
  4. Masks are required for all indoor activities.
  5. No food service is allowed at indoor meetings.
  6. Masks are now required for all carpools on SO! Outings.  SO! strongly recommends that members wear N95, KN95 or surgical masks rather than the ubiquitous cloth masks.
  7. Social distancing is encouraged while participating in outdoor activities.

These policies will be modified as appropriate in response to the future course of the epidemic. Seniors Outdoors! will continue to comply with recommendations and guidelines of applicable entities such as the CDC, State of Colorado, San Juan Basin Public Health, and La Plata County.