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Backpack Molas Trail to Highland Mary Lakes

September 6 - September 8 Register by Email

Backpack down Molas Trail to Elk Park and out to Highland Mary Lakes trailhead.
Day 1: Run shuttle to Highland Mary Lake, then backpack down Molas Trail, then 2-4 miles up Elk Creek where we will set up camp.
Day 2: TBD – Move camp further up Elk Creek drainage, or below Kite Lake, exploring some of the nearby areas.
Day 3: Pack out to Highland Mary trailhead, enjoying splendid views above tree line most of the day.
Carpool $8. 4HC/HC required. Limit 8. Dogs: ask leader.
RSVP Sandy Hoagland 247-3678 swhoagy@live.com

Meeting Place:

Durango Rec Center 7:30 am

Difficulty Info:

About 9 miles
2,500 ft. each day
Brisk Pace