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Brown Mt Ridge Hike to Abrams Mountain (13,339 to 12,801 ft)

Monday, July 11, 6:45 am Register by Email

The plan is to drive up 110 north of Silverton to the starting point on CR 10 it is a bad road. The route climbs to Browns ridge where we will plan to turn south to Duco (the high point at 13,339) then reverse and follow the ridge over several 13,000 ft points switching from east to west of the ridge as the terrain allows out to Abrams at 12,801. Off trail, sidehill traversing, little exposure. Moderate pace. Carpool: $15. 4WD. Limit 12. Confirm dogs with Rich.
RSVP: Rich Butler 609-532-6949 rbbutler54@gmail.com
SO! outings are limited to members and approved guests who are fully vaccinated and boosted.

Meeting Place: Animas City Park 6:45
Trimble Crossing 6:55

Difficulty Info: Hard
~7.5 miles
2,800 ft
Moderate Pace