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Climb Diorite Peak (12,761)

Monday, July 1, 9:00 am

rescheduled from June 10 to July 1

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Climb Diorite Peak from Tomahawk Basin. The length of this climb will depend on snow conditions. The climb starts at a point where our 4WD vehicles decide to stop driving up Tomahawk Basin Rd. There will be talus to cross and route finding as the trail peters out at some point. Although a challenging climb the pace will be kept moderate to enjoy the hike. The goal is Diorite Peak at 12, 761. Carpool $6. 4WD Required. No Dogs (talus is too tough). Limit 12.
RSVP: Rich Butler 403-3185 rbbutler54@gmail.com

Meeting Place:

Durango Rec Center 9:00 am

Difficulty Info:

Hard 6 miles, 3000 ft