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Climb Engineer Peak

Tuesday, July 19, 7:00 am Register by Email

This is a classic climb of the southern San Juans. Starting from Coal Bank Pass, the first two miles are good trail. The last mile involves a very steep, lose section and one tricky spot with exposure. The top of the mountain is a climb, not a hike, but there will be plenty of hand-holding and moral support. So for those of you who have not climbed Engineer and would like to, here is your chance.
Limit 10, no dogs, no 4WD needed.
Carpool fee $8.
RSVP Leader Lynn Coburn, 970-903-4619 or harrisoncoburn@gmail.com.
During the pandemic SO! Outings are limited to members and approved guests who are fully vaccinated and boosted.

Meeting Place: Durango Rec Center 7:00 am

Difficulty Info: Most Challenging
6 miles, 2400 ft. gain
Moderate pace