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Climb Madden and Parrott Peaks
(11,972 & 11,857 ft)

Wednesday, June 7, 8:30 am Register by Email

We will climb Madden from the Madden Peak Road climbing over talus near the summit. After Madden, descend to the Madden/Parrott saddle and scramble up talus to Parrott. Then descend back to the saddle and bushwhack under Maddens ridge to the in-route. NOTE:This hike will be snow condition dependent.
Carpool: $3. 4WD. Limit 14 people and 2 well controlled dogs and well controlled owners OK.
RSVP Rich Butler rbbutler54@gmail.com 609-532-6949, Co-leader Betsey Butler
SO! outings are limited to members and guests who are fully Covid vaccinated and boosted.

Meeting Place: Santa Rita Park 8:30 am

Difficulty Info: Hard
6 miles
2,800 ft
Moderate Pace