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Climb North Snowdon, 12,628 ft.

Saturday, July 8, 8:00 am

Rescheduled from June 26

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An SO! Summertime favorite, the crest has spectacular views of Snowdon Peak to the south and Silverton down low in the north. Primarily trail with 0.6 mile off-trail, easy Class 2. Steep pitch from Snowdon Meadows.
Limit 10. No dogs. Carpool $7. RSVP Debra Van Winegarden 769-7269 debra@vanwinegarden.com. Co-leader Tomas Ward tom@thward.net

Meeting Place:

Durango Rec Center 8:00 am
Trimble Crossing 8:10 am

Difficulty Info:

6 miles
2,000 ft.
Moderately Brisk Pace