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Cumberland Mountain Climb (12,388 ft)

Saturday, June 22, 7:30 am Register by Email

This will be a climb to the ridge line off of the Colorado Trail above the Muldoon Mine in the La Plata range. After about 2 miles on the CO Trail we branch south to the Muldoon Mine and climb off trail to the summit. The descent will drop to the northwest along the ridgeline to Kennebec Pass. If weather and time permit, we will continue north to summit Kennebec Peak (12,101), returning to the Colorado Trail. The trailhead is about 21 miles up Junction Creek Road/FSR 171.
High clearance 2WD or 4WD. Carpool $5. Limit 12. Dogs OK.
RSVP Rich Butler 609-532-6949 rbbutler54@gmail.com

Meeting Place: Animas City Park 7:30 am

Difficulty Info: Hard
5.5 miles 2,200 ft. (6.4 miles 3,000 ft if we reach Kennebec Peak).
Moderate pace.