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Full Moon Camp-out at Bisti/De-Na-Zin Badlands

May 16 - May 18 Register by Email

After driving approx. 80 miles to the Bisti Badlands, we will carry packs in approx. one mile, and find a spot to enjoy two nights under the full moon. After getting set up we will explore some of the nearby hoodoos and petrified logs. Our second day we will visit some of the further special features of this unique desert wilderness. Our third day will involve packing up and driving to the nearby De-Na-Zin Badlands, and visiting the remnant ponderosa pine grove that grows out of the desert hardpan, a legacy of cooler climate from long, long years ago.
Expect to carry in all the water you will need for two nights, bring water for our third days hike and a late return home on the third day.
Limit 12. Two well-behaved dogs on approval. Carpool $12
RSVP Steve Schnarch 970 749-4478 ssalivedgo@gmail.com
SO! Outings are limited to vaccinated members only.

Meeting Place: Durango Rec Center 10:00 am

Difficulty Info: Moderate,
Approx. 8 miles each full day.
Mostly flat with hills.
Moderate Pace