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Hike Melanie Highline with Ohio Peak Option (12,674)

Saturday, July 29, 7:30 am Register by Email

A classic SO! hike which starts at 12,000 feet, all above tree line, so the spectacular views begin immediately and never let up. We will follow use trails across the gentle meadows of wildflowers affectionately known as the Melanie Highline, then over open rocky slopes to the short but steep climb up North Anvil Peak. Returning by the same route, with the option to add an additional mile and a steep 600 ft. by climbing with some scrambling over Ohio Peak. Limit 15. Dogs 0K. 4WD/HC required. Carpool $11.
RSVP Leader Harding Cure at hardingcure@gmail.com or 602-369-4273

Meeting Place:

Durango Rec Center 7:30 am
Trimble Crossing 7:45 am
Purgatory Resort 8:00 am

Difficulty Info:

Moderate to North Anvil
4.5 miles 600 ft.
Hard to Ohio Peak
5.5 miles
Additional 600 ft.
Moderate Pace