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Hike Mountain View Overlook (12,465 ft)

Monday, July 22, 7:00 am Register by Email

We will drive up Missionary Ridge Road about 22 miles past Henderson Lake to the trailhead where the road starts to get really rough. From there, we follow a fairly well-defined trail that eventually joins the Lime Mesa trail to the overlook. This is a slightly shorter hike than going all the way to the top of the crest but offers similar views. The wildflowers should be nice this time of the year. The return is more or less by the same route. This hike will be at a moderate pace.
Car Pool $8. 4WD/HC required. Limit 15 due to wilderness area. Dogs OK.
RSVP: Clark Lagow clagow@rmi.net

Meeting Place: Durango Rec Center 7:00 am
7:20 am intersection of CR250 and Missionary Ridge Road.

Difficulty Info: Moderate
7 miles
1570 ft
Moderate pace