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Loop hike of lower Junction Creek

Friday, October 13, 9:00 am Register by Email

Starting at the upper CT TH, we will hike a trail that parallels the N rim of Junction Ck. Then we will descend to the bottom of Junction Ck near the bridge and hike up to Gudys Rest. From GR we will hike a short distance on the Hoffheims Trail, then hike an abandoned mtn bike trail that parallels the S rim of Junction Ck. At the end of that trail, we descend into Junction Ck again, cross the creek, and hike a short distance to our cars.
Carpool $2. No limit. Dogs OK. Hunting season – wear blaze orange.
RSVP Will Rietveld willjanet@bresnan.net

Meeting Place: Durango Rec Center 9:00 am

Difficulty Info: Moderate
Approx 6 miles
1500 ft gain
Moderate Pace