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SO! General Meeting: “Eyes in the Sky – Monitoring an ever-changing Earth in the 21st Century.

Tuesday, October 8, 6:30 pm

Jon Harvey will make the case that we are in the midst a scientific revolution: new and improving technology is allowing humans to monitor the ever-changing surface of the Earth like never before. His talk will include local and distant examples of how drones, satellites, GPS, and cell phones have changed the way humans monitor the planet that sustains them. His talk will include a case study in how he and his students are using drones to monitor the Missionary Ridge Rockfall, how satellites, GPS, and cell phones allow us to measure subtle movements of the crust before, during, and after earthquakes and extreme events, and expectations for future innovations in tracking the shape and health of our planet.
Speaker Bio: Jon Harvey is an Assistant Professor of Geosciences at Fort Lewis College. He has a BS in Meteorology from Ohio University, an MS in Geology from Utah State University, and a PhD in Earth Science from UC Santa Barbara. His research interests include geomorphology, active tectonics, environmental geology, and climate and hydrology of the western US. When he is not geologizing, he can be found paddling, skiing, biking, gardening, and photographing the magnificent landscapes of the southwest. He and his wife have a 10-month old baby who is adding a new layer of fun to their outdoor adventures.

Meeting Place:

Durango Rec Center
6:30 pm Social
7:00 pm Program