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SO! General Meeting and Potluck

Tuesday, June 11, 5:30 pm Register by Email

This will be a combination potluck and BBQ. The club will provide burgers, brats, buns and condiments. If you would like something to drink other than iced tea or lemonade, you may bring it for yourself.

Since the club is providing the main course and would like to set up enough seating for all attending, please RSVP by May 30th if you plan to attend. If you would like a veggie burger, please indicate so with your RSVP.

RSVP to: Gail Davidson gaildavidson1@gmail.com or 970-799-2940.

Bring your own plate, tableware and napkin.

Couples bring a dish for 12, Singles a dish for 6, with a labeled serving utensil.

Food Assignments by last name:
A-F: Appetizer
G-M: Salads & Side Dishes
N-R: Salads & Side Dishes
S-Z: Dessert

Please also bring non-perishable food donations or a check for the Durango Food Bank.

Directions: 6 miles out Florida Rd from 15th and Main, turn right across from the big pine cone. Drive through the construction and down to the picnic grounds

Meeting Place:

5:30 pm

6:30 pm
Meeting and election of new Board Members

7:00 pm Dinner

Edgemont Ranch Picnic Grounds

Difficulty Info:

Easy & Fun