Hiking on a Rainy Day

Photo by Alaric Hartsock on Unsplash

Now that we are starting to have some rain, it is time to think about hiking in the rain…or getting caught in a storm while you are out hiking.

As you know, the weather here is ever changing, especially in the mountains. Sudden showers crop up so be prepared.

While this won’t cover all considerations, I wanted to remind you of at least a few ways to prepare:

  • If you don’t have a pack cover, have your rain jacket large enough to cover your pack.
  • If you choose to carry an umbrella, make sure it is large enough to cover the pack as well.
  • A gallon size zip-lock type plastic bag is a good place to carry your map, phone, and anything else that would be damaged by water.
  • Throw in the towel. Consider carrying a small towel that will dry quickly. It is especially helpful if it has a loop so you can attach it to your pack to dry while you are hiking.
  • Dress lightly in layers so you can add/shed layers as needed. (Always a good plan, no matter the weather/season.)
  • Synthetic, wicking fabrics like polypropylene wick moisture from you skin to help you stay dryer/warmer.
  • Make sure your clothing is waterproof and breathable. You may have moisture condensing on your skin/clothing, not just sweat.
  • Hands down and jacket cuffs open. This helps to circulate air beneath your shell.
  • If you have a long sleeved shirt on, pull the sleeves up a bit so that the cuffs don’t get wet.
  • If possible, wear gaiters and rain pants. The rain pants should go over the gaiters to help keep your boots dry.
  • A wide-brimmed rainhat will keep you from having to pull on your hoodie (and being miserable like the person in the image above). This gives you more circulation than you have with a hoodie.

This may be basic but it is just meant to jog your mind and plan ahead.

Have some favorite rain gear? Shoot me an email and we can let our members know.