Photo Gallery II

To contribute photos, e-mail them to Thomas Ward. Attach a GPX track and I’ll put up a map!
I will attempt to deal with whatever format or delivery medium you choose. Google Photos links, Flikr, Dropbox, etc. I’ll let you know if there’s a problem. Please be selective. All photos will be resized to a maximum dimension of 2000 pixels.

Archived photos prior to March 2016 are available here.

The Gallery of Galleries (reverse chronological)
Crater Creek Falls - 6/23/23

Photos by Thomas Ward and Jeff Eisele

WW Sand Canyon - 4/12/23

Photos by Lindy Ivie

Snowshoe - McMillan Climb - 2/1/23

Photos by Chris Blackshear

Moab for Beginners - 9/28/22

Photos by Chris Blackshear

Catwalk Loop - 8/8/22

Photos by Rich Butler, Betsy Butler, Chris Blackshear, and Thomas Ward

Paradise Basin - 7/18/22

Photos by Debra Van Winegarden, Laura Scull, and Chris Blackshear

Crater Creek - 7/12/22

Photos by Don Zirkelbach

Brown Mountain - 7/11/22

Photos by Chris Blackshear

Molas to Coal Bank - 7/10/22

Photos by Chris Blackshear

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