SO! Blog

Anyone who was a member prior to the website probably remembers the newsletter that SO! used to send out periodically prior to our awesome website. It was a way to communicate the outings but also other things like new members and topics of interest. This blog is a trial to see if there is interest in having member input on a variety of topics.

Up to now, we could post photos of our outings (thank you Tomas Ward for your hard work on this), we don’t have a way to really share fun, exciting, or interesting things that we experience (or want to experience).

Initially, the blog is somewhat of an experiment. We will allow it to be open to various types of communications to see what seems to suit our members best. Some examples of types of entries are:

  • Especially interesting outings. While I may go on a hike with the Wednesday Easy Hikers and really enjoy it, I wouldn’t normally blog about it unless there was something special that I see or come across. Someone else who goes on a hike which is unusual, might want to write something up, including photos.
  • Have or need advice? I was on a hike recently and overheard some people talking about their favorite shoes and hiking boots. Other members might be interested in that information. Or maybe you are in the market for new gear and wonder what has worked well for other members…you can ask about it in a blog.
  • And speaking of gear, do you have some to sell, trade, or give away? Or would you like to see if another member has something that you need? You can submit a “blog” about this.

We probably need a few ground rules, but I hope to keep them minimal.

  • A maximum length for an entry is about 500-700 words
  • You may link to another site with additional information
  • A maximum number of 3-4 photos will be posted. (If you have more, you can include a link to Google Drive, DropBox, etc.)
  • Write from your experience. You may love X brand of hiking boot and the next person may hate it. You are free to state your opinion but please respect other people’s opinions.
  • Keep it kind. We are members of SO! to have fun and the blog should reflect that as well. Topics should relate directly to outings.
  • The webmaster has final approval of any postings, editing, or comments.

New entries will be posted in the announcement section of the home page and if possible, in an email.

As I said in the beginning of this post, this new feature is offered as a trial to see if folks find it helpful/interesting. I know that many of you are doing many interesting things, and not just outings. So put on your creative cap and send your web team (David Wright, Tomas Ward, and Lindie Hunt) your submissions either to or using the Contact Us form (select the “website or blog” button).