Winter is on its way…

As many of us are seeing the first snowflakes recently and this week is decidedly colder, many of our thoughts are turning from hiking, climbing, biking, and water activities to winter activities like snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, and more. Before you know it, we will be posting avalanche precautions on the website again!

As we gear up for the cold weather outings/activities, we welcome blog submissions about fall/winter activities, tips/tricks, your favorite outing this time of year, or your favorite clothing/equipment.

And if you don’t have a blog submission, let us know if we should continue the blogs on the website (email You have probably noticed that we have made a change in that the entire blog is included in the email announcement about the new posting. This was done in response to one member’s comments. (You can still read all of the blogs on the website as well.)

Our membership is so diverse in skills, age, knowledge/experience, and interests that not everyone will be interested in every posting. We’ve tried to provide a variety of information although it has been geared a bit more for the members that are newer to the area or activities. Submissions from/for the more experienced members are welcome to make the postings of interest to a wider range of members.

And speaking of gear, if you want to sell (or give away gear), that can be posted on the blog as well. Please note that Seniors Outdoors! will not take responsibility for the accuracy/condition/safety of any gear postings however we will provide the blog as a vehicle for members to connect to sell gear.

And don’t forget that Seniors Outdoors! members receive a 10% discount on regularly-priced merchandise at the following retailers: Backcountry Experience, Brown’s Shoe Fit, Brown’s Sport Shoe, Gardenswartz, Pine Needle Mountaineering, and Spaah Shop. Just tell the merchant you are an SO! member.

Here’s to a great winter season!